The Best Back to School Gifts

by Catonsville Store

Whether you’re gifting a teacher or administrator, or treating yourself, check out these boxes.

  1. Happy Teacher Box

    Gift our Happy Teacher Box to your favorite teachers and administrators to show them just how much you appreciate them! This bright box features a pen and ‘Best Teacher Ever’ notepad, perfect for all the notes and scribbles. Our favorite part of this box has to be the Pompom pouch! Add all the pens, pencils, erasers, and markets to this adorable pouch. You’ll be the talk of the classroom, or office. This vibrant box also comes with a sheet of stickers and delicious Raspberry California Gummy Bears. Don’t forget the best part! You can also include a handwritten note for your favorite teacher.


     2. A Well Kept Desk Box

    What’s better than a Well Kept Desk? We love keeping our space tidy and organized. This is the perfect gift for anyone starting a new job or in need of tidying up their space. This box features a Floral Notebook and Gold Pen, the best tools for organization. Plus, they’re so cute! After you tidy up your space, make your space smell good with our Milk Rose Macaron Voluspa Candle. Finally, clean all your screens with our well-kept packet of screen cleansing wipes. After all, clean and healthy skin starts with a clean screen.


     3. Anytime & Always Gift Box

    This box has a little bit of everything, and we couldn't have said it better than it’s a gift for Anytime & Always. This lovely box features a Scalloped Vessel Candle scented in Sugared Blossom, the perfect addition to your desk. We’ve added in a notebook and pen to keep track of all your thoughts, a box of chocolate for your mid-day cravings, and a pack of screen cleansing wipes to keep everything spotless.


     4. Beary Happy Gift Box

    We’re beary excited for you to gift our Beary Happy Gift Box! This fun box includes some sweet treats and some great pieces for your desk. Our floral notebook and blue pen combo is just heart eyes all the way. Don’t hide these colorful pieces in your desk drawer, display them on your desk for everyone to see. They’ll be so jealous, they’ll want their own!. What you can hide in your desk drawer is our Blueberry California Gummy Bears and Box of Raspberry Chocolate, because if you don’t, your coworkers just might snack on them.


     5. Hope & Encouragement Gift Box

    Our Hope & Encouragement Gift Box is the perfect pick-me-up. This positive box is full of all your must have essentials. Our ‘Hope’ trinket dish will be the cutest addition to your desk, a spot for all of your runaway rubber bands, paper clips, thumb tacks, and so much more. Keep all of your notes handy with our ‘Painted Landscape’ Notebook. The best part is that it’s so pretty you can keep it right on your desk unlike your not so appealing wide ruled notebook. Add an inspirational message to your water bottle, laptop, or bulletin board with our “Finding Joy in Everyday” sticker. You’ll have the best smelling office with our Fresh Sea Salt Soy Candle. Although, you may just want to leave the office and head to the beach. Last but not least, stash our Rosé Wine Lollipop in your desk drawer for when you’re craving some sugar.


    6. Stay Magical Gift Box

    We’re loving the encouraging reminder that comes with our Stay Magical Gift Box. This colorful gift box comes with a “Painted Landscape” notebook and pen, the perfect place to write down your daily mantras and reminders. Nothing says magic like our turmeric & ginger cup of sunshine tea. This will be sure to brighten your day especially in our stay magical mug. 


    7. Tasks & Snacks Box

    Meet one of our newest boxes, this delightful box will be a great treat on and off the clock. Jot down your to-do list with our lovely flower print journal and pen, while you relax with the scent of Alluring Amber from our gorgeous glass vessel candle. Take some time for yourself and munch on some White Cheddar & Truffle popcorn, as you brew yourself some Orange Cinnamon Roll Tea (YUM!). This just might be our recipe for getting it done!


    All of these boxes send a little ray of sunshine that shows your appreciation and gratitude for all their hard work and effort.

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