New Fall Boxes

by Catonsville Store

    It’s finally starting to feel like Fall around here, so we thought we’d celebrate the only way we know how, with all of our new Fall themed boxes!

      1. Flavors of Fall Box

          We couldn’t have said it any better, this box is filled with all the flavors of Fall. Open this box and escape to your favorite pumpkin patch. Warm up with a cup of Masala Chai Tea, and add some delicious Wildflower Honey. While you enjoy your tea, munch on some Molasses Spice Cookies. Don’t worry, it’s not over yet. This box also includes a Pumpkin & Almond candle and an adorable tea towel. Gift this to your favorite Fall lover, or better yet, treat yourself to these Fall goodies.


      2. Apple Toddy Time Box

          Think you’ve found your go to Fall drink? Think again! Trying our Apple Toddy Time box is a must this Fall. As we say, you either love apple toddies, or haven’t had one yet. This box has all the fix-ins to make the perfect apple toddy. Our teaspressa spiced apple toddy mini latte cubes make you an instant bartender. Add dried oranges for some extra fruity flavor, and pour all into our oh so cute patterned mug. We’ve even added a tea towel to hold your mug when it’s a tad too hot. Enjoy this drink whether you’re watching Halloween movies, hanging out with your friends, or sitting in front of the fire. You can always add a little extra fun with a splash of whiskey, upgrading your already amazing drink to a Spiced Apple Toddy. Here’s to sipping on these drinks all Fall long.


      3. Ice Cream Birthday

          You loved our Summer Birthday Box and our Sweet Treats Birthday Box, so now we’d like to introduce you to our Ice Cream Birthday Box! Not sure what to get your bestie for their bday? Look no further! This box will be their favorite birthday gift. First, celebrate and blow out the birthday candles! We love our Tulefog Vanilla & Chestnut candle, and don’t worry, this box comes with a box of birthday wishes matches, guaranteed to make their birthday wishes come true. We’ve also added a cute Ice Cream Cone Sticker to add to your favorite water bottle or laptop case. Next, it’s time to indulge in all the birthday treats! Our Birthday Cake Chocolate Covered Pretzels are absolutely delicious. They’ll definitely have you wanting another box! Then, we have our yummy Birthday Cake Confetti Lollipop and Sugar Cone Crisps Cookies. The only question is what to enjoy first! Grab one of these boxes before we eat all these sweet treats.


     4. Stress Less Spa Box | Purple

         Next up, we have our Stress Less Spa Box, perfect to indulge in after a stressful day at work. Be transported to the spa and enjoy everything this box has to offer! Start by grabbing one of the matches to light our Tulefog Sandalwood Eucalyptus Candle. The scent of this candle will have you instantly relaxed! Now, brew a cup of Lavender Mint Tea and snack on some dark chocolate, and dedicate the rest of your day to rest and relaxation. One of the best parts of this box is that it comes in 3 different colors, so pick your fave to treat yourself, or your family, bestie, or favorite coworker.


      5. Stress Less Spa Box | Teal

         You already know the deal by now, it’s all about rest and relaxation. Meet our Stress Less Spa Box in Teal. This lovely box includes a Teakwood & Cardamom Candle, Box of Matches, Earl Grey Tea, and Almond Butter Chocolate. We’re so ready to relax! Now, you just have to pick our favorite destressing box in your favorite color.


      6. Stress Less Spa Box | Coral

          Last but not least, we have our Stress Less Box in Coral. This box includes our Quince & Eucalyptus Tea, California Cashmere Candle, Box of Matches, and Tea Chocolate. Take a look at all of our colorful Stress Less Spa Boxes to choose your favorite.


That’s it for our new boxes for now! Get out there and enjoy the Fall weather because before you know it, there’ll be snow on the ground and the holidays will be here! We guess that wouldn’t be too bad though, because then we’ll have more new boxes to share with you all, perfect to gift during the holidays!

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